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    Rekey Locks

    What does lock rekey serve? The prevention of burglaries. Increased security. Peace of mind that your home and office keys are only found in your own pocket. When you move to a new house or other property, it’s natural to have concerns about the new property’s security. And Vancouver Locksmiths can help. Taken that the locks are in good condition and resistant enough to meet your security requirements, we can just rekey them. And we rekey locks in Vancouver fast.Rekey Locks Vancouver

    Why lock rekey is essential?

    Let us tell you first how your cylinder locks work. Such special locks have a cylinder with springs and pins. Once you put the key in the lock, these springs are squeezed and the pins at the upper side move further up to the shear line and that’s how the door opens and locks. This is how the key fits in the first place. So when the previous owner of your new house still has the home keys, you won’t feel confident until these keys are rendered useless. And that’s what we do by rekeying your locks. The main purpose is key change. So we use a new key and change the pins of the cylinder lock to match the key notches.

    What we can also do is create a master key system. By rekeying the lock, we change the configuration of the pins. And we can make them accept two different keys: the master and change keys.

    For urgent lock rekey, call us

    Our pros help people in need of lock rekeying in Vancouver quickly. Let’s say your key was stolen. How will you ever be sure that it won’t be used by a potential intruder to break-in? To avoid intrusions, call us. We can rekey locks in Vancouver urgently. As long as your lock has a cylinder, it can be rekeyed.

    Equipped with key replacement options to fit the requirements of all cylinder lock systems and properties, our techs urgently help you with such requests. Contact us if you ever want lock rekeying in Vancouver.

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